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What can I do at Fanconect?
You can view creators' own fan clubs and become their member. Once you join a membership, you can see creators' exclusive movies and images only available here, support them by buying their items and sending tips, and exchange messages with creators.
Is it free to register membership (create an account)?
Membership registration is free. Please rest assured that registration doesn't cost you anything at all. However, in order to join pay-memberships and receive pay-services, you'll need to buy Fcoins for their payments.
Are there any age restrictions?
Because a credit card is necessary to use our website, you need to be at least 18 years-old and older in Japan, or legally considered as adult in your residence.
How can I become a creator?
At Fanconect, all users can become creators and we don't conduct any inspection. However, if you wish to set up paid subscription or receive Fcoins as payments for your contents and videos, you need to submit your ID and bank information. Please also refer to Creator's Terms of Use.
Can I work as a creator without selling paid subscription, videos, or photos?
Yes, you can work as a creator offering only free subscription and contents. Just as blog service and SNS, you can use our service for the same purpose.
How can I become a member of a fan club?
If you register as a member, there won't be any inspection. You need to subscribe yourself to join your favorite creators' fan clubs. Some subscriptions are free, while others need payments by Fcoins.
How can I cancel my subscription of a fan club?
After login, on top page where you can see the list of your subscriptions, please click Cancel button. Your next subscription won't be renewed and subsequent charges will stop.
How can I cancel my account?
Unless you're subscribed, you won't get charged, so cancellation from Fanconect is unnecessary. However if you'd like to completely delete your account, you can cancel it. Upon cancellation, everything including your registry information, acquired Fcoin data, and access to purchase history will be deleted. If you wish to cancel your account, please contact us.
I forgot my password.
If you forget your password, please use PASSWORD REMINDER form. Your login ID and password will be sent to your registered email address.
How can I change the registered email address and password?
Please contact us.
Cannot login to Fanconect..
Please check if your email address and password are entered correctly and ensure there are no unnecessary spaces at the front or end. If you're unsure of your password, please use PASSWORD REMINDER form.
How can I claim my subscription sales and tips received from fans?
Requests for compensation are made from the "Request" page in the Report menu. The minimum payment is 10,000 yen (During the current campaign, you can request as little as 3,000 yen). The billing period is fixed, so please complete your requests within this period. Unclaimed compensation will automatically be carried over to the next billing period. Please refer to the Payment Request page for other details.
About Fcoin System
We use prepaid system where you can pay for only what you'd need in advance. Purchased Fcoins are used to subscribe for fan club memberships, buy pay-contents, and give tips to creators.
Please tell me how to buy Fcoins.
You can use credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, JCB and Diner's Club) to purchase them. We don't accept any other credit cards, bank transfer, or PayPal.
How much is a fan club subscription?
Subscription price varies depending on each creator. You can check it on the free page. Subscription price may change from time to time, but existing members can keep the same price as when they first joined.
Where can I check my remaining Fcoins and usage history?
If you click on "⁝" at the top right on home page, you can check your own current Fcoins and also buy more. Purchase and usage history can be checked under Profile.
What happens if there aren't enough Fcoins?
If there are not enough Fcoins at the time of subscription renewal, remaining Fcoins won't be used. Instead, the same subscription price will be charged on your credit card. We don't automatically cancel your subscription, so please cancel it before the next pay cycle if you wish not to continue your subscription.
Can I cancel the purchase of a subscription or content that has already been settled?
Please note that we do not accept any cancellation (refund) after the payment is completed.
Are there any free trial plans?
We do not have a trial plan for each subscription, but there are some subscriptions that can be read for free and some articles that can be read without a subscription, so please check the page of each creator.
Will I lose access to the fan club as soon as I cancel my membership?
You will be able to access the content until the paid subscription period is over, not immediately after you cancel your membership.
What can I do if I join the fan club?
You can get videos and images that creators offer only to their fan club members. For paid content, you need to use Fcoins to purchase it, but some creators also offer free content. You can also exchange messages directly with the creators.
Do I need to provide my real name or personal information?
No, you do not need to provide any personal information to subscribe or purchase paid content. You can subscribe to memberships, purchase paid content, and pay for tips without providing any personal information. Personal information such as your registered e-mail address and credit card number will not be passed on to other members. However, if you want to work as a creator, you will need to submit your ID and register your bank information.
Is there a limit to the number of messages and comments I can send?
You can send messages and comments for free and without restrictions. However, we do not allow spam-like activities such as sending large numbers of unwanted messages and comments.
I don't understand the difference between "subscribe," "bookmark," and "like".
Subscribe stands for subscription, and is a billing service that recruits subscribers by setting a monthly subscription fee. Bookmarking works like a bookmark that allows you to look back at your favorite posts later. A "Like" is an action you can take on a post or comment.
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Isn't Fanconect spelt incorrectly (Conect)?
Please rest assured that we are aware. The name Fanconect is intentionally spelt with one n, so please be careful not to mis-spell when entering domain name or writing the actual word Connect.
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